Dollar Tree Urban Outfitters Inspired DIY Planters

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I made these Dollar Tree Urban Outfitters inspired DIY planters recently and I am honestly surprised how well they turned out. I had been eyeballing these modern planters on their website but as usual I’m not in the market to spend what they’re asking for them.

So I went to Dollar Tree and set out to find the supplies needed to make these planters myself.

Here’s the full YouTube tutorial, including two other DIY’s, or you can scroll down for more.

Urban Outfitters Inspired Planters Supply List

Bowl/Dog Bowl (I used one of each as you’ll see below)
One plunger per plant stand
White Spray Paint
Drill Bit
Any saw (I used my miter saw)
sand paper

DIY Planters

This first step is optional but I would suggest it. Since the white bowl was glossy, which I didn’t want, and the other bowl was brown, I decided to spray paint them both with a satin finish white spray paint.

This way they match better and have a more modern finish. There are a lot of spray paint options out there but for plastic I almost always use Krylon ColorMaster. It’s a paint and primer in 1 and always covers really well.

Planter feet

For the feet you’ll be using the wooden handle plungers. Decide how long you want the feet to be.

They can be the same size for both, or you can stagger them. I decided I wanted the smaller bowl to have slightly shorter feet than the larger bowl.

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Cutting The Feet

Before cutting the plunger down to the length needed for the feet, you’ll want to cut the rounded end of the handle off.

This makes sure that your feet will be perfectly flat once you cut the handle to the length you’ve decided on.

Once you’ve cut the rounded end off you can mark the handle for the length of the feet.

I decided to cut mine down to 3″ for the smaller bowl and 4″ for the larger.

You want to cut 3 feet for each planter.

dollar-tree-urban-outfitters-inspired-diy-planters (6)

I used my miter saw for this but if you don’t have a miter saw just use what you do have.

Adding The Feet To The Planter

Before attaching the feet you’ll want to sand both ends of each one. This way they’ll stand flat on whatever surface you’re going to set them on.

dollar-tree-urban-outfitters-inspired-diy-planters (9)

Next, mark the bottom of the bowl where you’re going to attach the feet.

I eyeballed it first and marked with a pencil then used a ruler to make sure the marks were evenly spaced apart.

You can adjust the marks as needed until you have 3 spots fairly evenly spaced apart from each other.

You also want to make sure you’re marking far enough away from the edge of the bowl that the feet won’t stick out from the side once attached.

dollar-tree-urban-outfitters-inspired-diy-planters (10)
dollar-tree-urban-outfitters-inspired-diy-planters (11)

Drill a pilot hole through each of the spots marked for the feet. Then do the same and drill a hole in to the center on one side of each of the feet themselves.

This makes sure the screw won’t split the wood or crack the plastic.

dollar-tree-urban-outfitters-inspired-diy-planters (12)
dollar-tree-urban-outfitters-inspired-diy-planters (13)

Then go back in with a screw and drill the screw through the bottom of the bowl and each foot where you just added the pilot holes.

You want to do this before you attach the feet. This creates less resistance once you actually drill the screw through the bowl. The reason again is to keep from splitting the foot or cracking the plastic.

dollar-tree-urban-outfitters-inspired-diy-planters (19)
dollar-tree-urban-outfitters-inspired-diy-planters (18)

Now all you have to do is run the screws from inside of the bowl down in to the feet.

dollar-tree-urban-outfitters-inspired-diy-planters (20)

Urban Outfitters Modern Planters Complete

I finished off the look with some floral foam and summer greenery I picked up for 70% off at Michael’s this week. They look nice for the money and help to elevate the look of these Dollar Tree DIY planters!

What do you guys think of these? Check out this gallery below for the after pics. And if you love a good Dollar Tree DIY you should check out this Anthropologie inspired pendant light I made!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever made anything like these out of Dollar Tree materials, or if you decide to make these yourself!

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