About The Nifty Nester

I’m Cherie, and I’ve been crafting since I could walk. I built a 2 story dollhouse out of left over materials from a renovation my grandparents were doing on their rental property when I was 8.  Even then I had a love for color, patterns and decor. Even if it was just Barbie sized.

As an adult, I graduated from Cosmetology school and spent a decade in the hair industry. I built friendships with my clientele and mastered the art of hair color. I loved the creative side of the job.

When it was time to move on from that field, I fell in to custom framing. My education in color theory helped me develop an eye for it. Over the last few years I’ve designed framing for family photos, diplomas and original pieces by artists such as Picasso and Warhol. I l love this job.

During these years I’ve continued to take on renovation projects around my house, re-purpose old furniture and find economical ways to decorate. I am obsessed with power tools, it’s the only gift I ask for anymore. I spend every free moment doing these things. It is my hobby and passion.

I look forward to sharing my crafts with you, seeing what you all have to share and growing in this amazing community of DIY’ers!

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