Dollar Tree DIY Anthropologie Inspired Pendant Light

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I made this Dollar Tree DIY Anthropologie inspired pendant light for $7 in Dollar Tree supplies, plus the cost of the light kit. Anthropologie sells theirs for $258.00!

I’ve been obsessing over this light for the last 6 months. There are things I decide to splurge on and things I DIY instead. I just couldn’t get myself to take that kind of plunge when I KNEW the cost of these supplies would be next to nothing.

List Of Supplies Needed For Anthropologie Inspired Pendant Light

plug-in pendant light (I bought a 2 pack off of Amazon, you can find them at most stores)
3-D wire wreath form
2 large wire wreath forms
2 small wire wreath forms
electrical tape (I already had)
floral wire
wire cutters
*LED light bulb*( doesn’t get hot like other light bulbs) There’s also a flame retardant spray you could look in to if you are worried about how hot your light might get, I would suggest looking in to it if you plan on making this light!

3D Wire Wreath Form

Building The Wire Pendant Frame

The-3-D wire wreath form from Dollar Tree comes with these little metal tabs used to hold the hoops in place and form the globe.

Start off by attaching those tabs to the top and bottom of the wreath form to help hold it’s shape.

You will be taking these off by the time your pendant light is finished, but for now, you need them there.

3-d Wire Wreath Form Assembly

Take 2 large and 2 small wire wreath forms and, using your wire cutters, separate each of the wire rings from each other.

Tip: Make sure you’re using sharp wire cutters, it make’s the world of difference.

Large Wire Hoop Pendant Frame

Picking The Right Sized Rings For Your Pendant Light Frame

You’ll need one of the rings to fit right around the center of your pendant frame, 2 that fit on either side about midway down, and 2 that fit just right below the top and above the bottom of the frame.

I used the 2nd to largest ring from the large wreath form for the center. For the 2 rings that go on either side of the middle I used the 2nd to smallest rings from the large wreath forms. Lastly, I used the smallest ring from the smallest forms on each end of the pendant frame.

Small Wire Pendant Frame

Attaching The First Ring To The Pendant Light Frame

Now that you have the ring sizes determined, you can start attaching them to the pendant frame, beginning with the middle ring.

Take a strip of electrical tape (I tried several, this works the best by far) and lay it over the horizontal ring where it’s intersecting one of the vertical rings, making sure the ring is centered and the tape is at an angle.

Wrap one side of the tape going one direction and the other side going the other direction. I know that’s hard to visualize and I’m sorry for not thinking of a better way to describe it.

You should end up with the tape laying over the middle ring, and wrapping around the other ring on both sides, but wrapping in opposite directions. I’ll leave another link to my tutorial here in case that doesn’t make sense reading it, I show it in detail there.

Attaching Ring To Pendant Light Frame

After getting that first intersecting ring attached, attach theย  intersecting ring on the other side of the pendant frame to make sure you have both sides centered before securing the rest of the ring.

Once both sides are secured, you can tape the rest of that middle ring, keeping it centered as you go.

Attached Middle Ring On Pendant Frame

Attaching The Outer Rings To The Pendant Light Frame

After Securing the middle ring, you can go ahead and secure all 4 of the other rings. They all go on the same way, centering the ring on the pendant frame where it fits and securing it with electrical tape, being careful to keep it centered as you go.

There is something I didn’t do until I was halfway done that I would suggest you do now though. While testing out ways to attach the ring I tried floral wire, it didn’t work by itself. But adding a little bit of thin Dollar Tree floral wire wrapped tightly around each section that’s taped adds the exact amount of stability that was missing with the tape alone. The jute will cover the tape and wire in the end.

I also didn’t add the very top ring until later but would’ve added it now as well. I waited for my light to arrive so I could make sure it would fit in the opening and that ended up not being an issue at all.

Outer Rings On Pendant Frame

This is what your pendant light frame should look like at this point (Only you should have the top ring on as well).

Once you get here you can go ahead and remove that metal clip from the top and bottom of your pendant light frame.

Completed Pendant Light Frame
Removing Clip From Pendant Light Frame

Wrapping The Jute On Your DIY Anthropologie Pendant Light Frame

This is the fun part! Grab a glass of wine and turn on the T.V., this is time consuming and oh so rewarding ๐Ÿ™‚

On one of the middle sections tie the jute around the corner of that section so it won’t be able to slip or move out of place. I tied triple knots to make sure it was well secured.

You’ll want to start on the more narrow end of that section. I learned this the hard way after I started on the wider end and the jute kept slipping down as I tried to keep it tightly wrapped. Starting on the narrow end, it doesn’t have anywhere to slip.

Start wrapping the jute around that section. It doesn’t matter if you go vertically or horizontally on the first section, but every section after that will have a specific direction.

Tie Jute To Pendant Light Frame
Wrap Jute Around Pendant Frame

It’s important that you wrap the jute tightly, but not so tight that the rings try to pull in towards each other.

As you wrap the jute, keep it pushed close together so you don’t have gaps showing in between the rows.

When you get to the end of that section, tie the jute off on a corner just like you did at the beginning of the section.

Tightly Wrap Jute Around
Tie Off Jute

Wrapping The Jute In Alternating Patterns

After finishing your first section, you want to make sure you continue with a pattern of every other section going the same direction.

I started off doing the very next section and this is what I realized. It’s difficult to wrap a horizontal section next to a vertical one, you have to wrap around that wire that’s right up against the jute from the section next to it.

My advice is to do all of the horizontal sections in this first row first, then all of the vertical. That would save you a little trouble on this first section, but eventually you’ll have enough sections done that you won’t be able to avoid that issue.

To wrap a section next to another, instead of using the full roll of jute to wrap around, cut long sections of jute to easily pull it through those tight spots.

If you run out before you’re done, cut another long strand and tie it to the existing strand from the back side of the section, so it’ll be covered by the front side and continue wrapping.

Tie Off Second Section Pendant Frame

This is what you should have when you’re finished with the first row of your pendant light.

Can’t you see the light starting to really take shape at this point?! So exciting!

Completed First Row Of Jute On Pendant Light

From here you just continue wrapping until every section is done.

Make sure each section is going in the opposite direction of the section beneath it.

second row of jute pendant light

Tying off the very last section of jute, yay!

It took me a weekend of working on this on and off. It is time consuming, but by saving SO MUCH money it was worth it! Plus, you get bragging rights, right? YOU made this!

Last section of jute on pendant light

Wrapping The Bottom Of The Pendant Light

One last note. I went back and wrapped jute around the bottom wires on the pendant light frame. It looked a little bare and I didn’t like the wire showing.

The Anthropologie light just has an open hole. I thought this was a good alternative to that. I actually think I like the way this looks more than theirs! What do you think?

wrap jute around bottom of light

Attach The Light And Hang Your DIY Anthropologie Pendant Light

Stick your light socket down through one of the top openings in your pendant light. Move the jute out of the way enough in one section to slide your light bulb through the opening.

Twist the light in to the socket, then push the jute back down in to place.

getting light bulb in to pendant light

The light I ordered came with these two clips that help hold the cord in place when hanging.

Use one of them to secure the cord in place. Clip one end to the cord on the inside, then wrap the cord around one side of the metal wire and the clip around the other side. Attach the other end of the clip to the cord.

This will hold the cord in place and keep it from slipping.

Then you can use the other clip to hold the cord in place on the hook in your ceiling or wall, wherever you decide to hang your light.

pendant light clips
attach cord with clips

Finished Dollar Tree DIY Anthropologie Inspired Pendant Light

Now you can enjoy your pendant light! I’m really proud of this one and I hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine. Here’s the tutorial again in case you had a hard time visualizing some of these directions.

And here’s a gallery of my finished Anthropologie dupe pendant light hanging in my living room.

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