Gold Mid-Century Chandeliers You Have To See

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There’s just something about gold Mid-Century Modern chandeliers. The abstract nature of a sputnik light fixture, the timeless glow of a brass finish… It is truly my favorite style of lighting.

I’m always stuck somewhere between Mid-Century and Boho vibes, which is great because they compliment each other so well.

I put these two styles together recently when I did my budget friendly home office makeover. As I was working on the design of the office I was going through all of the chandeliers on amazon and saving the ones I liked to my list.

I ended up going with a 6-light sputnik chandelier from Amazon. As you can see below, the light fixture is definitely the focal point of my office.

During the design process I must have saved dozens of light fixtures. I just couldn’t decide on one.

Do any of you do that? Do you spend hours agonizing over your decision? What is it called, analysis paralysis?

Yeah, me too. It’s a real thing.

So to help us with our analysis paralysis, I have curated a list of my favorite gold and brass Mid-Century Modern sputnik chandeliers, all linked below.

22 Of My Favorite Mid-Century Modern Chandeliers On Amazon























Versatility Of The Mid-Century Sputnik Chandelier

Aren’t these all beautiful?! I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this look. They really are timeless.

I love how you can have so many variations among the same style of lighting. Another great thing about sputnik chandeliers is their versatility. You can completely change the look by simply swapping out the bulbs.

Right now I have these clear vintage Edison style bulbs in mine. They’re daylight bulbs so they’re really bright, but they still have that vintage look to them.

extreme diy office makeover

But if I decided to change the look of my chandelier I could easily swap them out for large white globe bulbs and have an entirely different looking light fixture.

If you’re in the market for new lighting and, like me, you love Mid-Century chandeliers, you honestly can’t go wrong here.

Item Details

Looking for more info on the items shown above as well as pricing? Check out these links here.

Do you guys have a favorite out of these 22 chandeliers? Is there one I didn’t list that I should check out as well?

Comment down below and let me know!

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gold Mid-Century Chandeliers
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