Dollar Tree DIY Anthropologie Inspired Decorative Tray

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Dollar Tree Anthropologie Inspired DIY’s are my favorite, and this decorative tray is on the top of my list! It’s easy to make and can be customized to display any style of image that you’d prefer.

For this DIY though I stuck to the inspiration and tried to get the tray to look as close to the original as possible.

Let’s see how close you guys think it is to looking like the real thing!

Here’s the full YouTube tutorial, including 3 other DIY’s, or just keep scrolling down for this tutorial.

Anthropologie Inspired Tray Supplies

burner covers from dollar tree
black spray paint
Picmonkey (here’s their link)
printer & printer paper
foam paint brush

My Anthropologie Decorative Tray Inspiration

Anthropologie carries this tray in two different sizes, each with a different image.

The one I’m sharing with you guys today is inspired by this tray, featuring a tiger in a tropical looking setting.

I’ve noticed a lot of tropical decor blended with Boho style recently and I am loving it!


The original price tag on this tray is $68.00. While it’s a beautiful tray, we all know that’s a little steep for my wallet!

Designing The Tray Image

If you follow me you know by now that I use Picmonkey for a lot of projects. Whether it’s ranging from creating a room makeover inspiration image like I did in my laundry room makeover under $300 or my budget friendly home office, or in this instance where I’m creating a quick image to use in a DIY project.

For this project I simply used the images they provide, picking the ones I liked and removing the background, then moving the images in place to fit where I needed them. It didn’t take more than a few minutes to create the image for this tray.

For a better idea of how to do this, you can click here to watch the tutorial for this DIY.

Here’s a look at the image I created for this particular DIY.

dollar-tree-diy-anthropologie-inspired-tray (11)

Dollar Tree DIY Tray

The burner covers all come in white. Since the background of the image is black, and to better match the Anthropologie inspiration, you can spray paint the cover black.

dollar-tree-diy-anthropologie-inspired-tray (12)

While that dries you can print off your image.

The burner cover is slightly wider than the narrow side of standard copy paper. To avoid having any little gaps you can print the image slightly larger on to two pieces of paper.

If you have any white around the edges of your image you can trim that off now before attaching the two together.

dollar-tree-diy-anthropologie-inspired-tray (12)

Once that’s done you can attach the two together using tape. I had duct tape on hand so that’s what I used, but would suggest probably using basic scotch tape if you’ve got it.

Line up the two pages so that the image is seamless, then add your tape to the top and press in to place. Make sure your placement is good then add another piece securing the bottom as well.

dollar-tree-diy-anthropologie-inspired-tray (14)
dollar-tree-diy-anthropologie-inspired-tray (15)

Applying The Image To The Tray

Place the tray over the paper and figure out your image placement.

I wanted the tigers face to be the bottom center of the tray, so I made sure that’s where the bottom of the paper lined up at.

Use a pencil and trace the tray on the back side of the paper.

dollar-tree-diy-anthropologie-inspired-tray (2)
dollar-tree-diy-anthropologie-inspired-tray (3)

Cut the circle out then make sure it fits in the tray.

I cut mine on the outside edge of the traced line, leaving enough room to cut down if needed but making sure it wasn’t cut too small.

dollar-tree-diy-anthropologie-inspired-tray (4)
dollar-tree-diy-anthropologie-inspired-tray (5)

Adhere And Seal The Image

Set the image aside. take your Modpodge and apply a thin even layer across the entire bottom of the tray.

Then take the image and place it centered in the tray. Use your fingers to smooth it out, making sure you aren’t leaving any ripples or bubbles under the paper.

dollar-tree-diy-anthropologie-inspired-tray (6)
dollar-tree-diy-anthropologie-inspired-tray (7)

Lastly, apply a thin even coat of Modpodge to the top of the paper.

dollar-tree-diy-anthropologie-inspired-tray (9)

Set it aside and let it dry.

Anthropologie Inspired Dollar Tree DIY Tray - Finished Results

I love the way this Anthropologie inspired tray turned out!

This was such an easy DIY. I’m sure you’ve all made things similar to this in the past, but this one in particular is still one of my favorites. I just love the way the image turned out, and how similar it is to the original tray.

So tell me, what do you guys think? Is this a yay or nay? Are you going to make anything similar inspired by this tutorial?

Let me know in the comments below!

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