These DIY Dollar Tree hexagon shelves with succulent planters were the first thing I made for my bonus daughter’s dorm room makeover. It was the perfect DIY Dollar Tree decor item to start with.

I knew I wanted to add some cute shelves to the room and she loves succulents. I was excited to put the two together.

Here’s the full YouTube tutorial, or you can just keep scrolling down.

Dollar Tree DIY Hexagon Shelves With Succulent Planters Supply List

Hexagon shelves from Dollar Tree
white spray paint (They sell white shelves, but I couldn’t find them.)
wrapping paper from Dollar Tree
Contact paper from Dollar Tree
modpodge or another glue
styrofoam cups
jute twine
hot glue
tissue paper or some type of filler
cutting board
exact-o knife

dollar tree diy decor shelves

Dollar Tree DIY Decor Shelves

These shelves come with cardboard backing tied on with twist ties. Start off by removing the cardboard, but don’t throw it away.

If you’re going to paint your shelves, do it now so they can dry while you’re making the backing for them.

dollar tree diy decor shelves

Take the cardboard cutout and use it as a guide to cut your wrapping paper to that size. I used an exact-o knife and a cutting board.

dollar tree diy decor shelves

After you’ve cut the paper down to size, adhere it to the cardboard backing. You can use modpodge or another similar type of adhesive.

Apply a thin, even layer to the cardboard using a paint brush.

dollar tree diy decor shelves

Position the wallpaper over the cardboard and smooth it out, making sure you don’t leave any bubbles.

Set them aside and let them dry completely.

dollar tree diy decor shelves

Once they’re dry, take your contact paper and cut a piece down that is just slightly larger than your hexagon cardboard.

Peel the contact paper up and place it on top of the wrapping paper and cardboard, leaving the extra hanging off of the edges.

Smooth it down firmly, not leaving any bubbles.

dollar tree diy decor shelves

Flip the cardboard over and trim the contact paper down, leaving just 1/2″ extra.

Using your exact-o knife, go around to each point of the hexagon and cut out a notch at the corners.

dollar tree diy decor shelves

fold the edges of the contact paper over, wrapping around the sides of the cardboard.

Securing The Backing In To The Shelves

Now that your shelves are dry (if you’ve painted them) you can secure the backing.

Using your hot glue gun, apply hot glue along the inside edges of the shelf. Firmly push the backing down in to it.

dollar tree diy decor shelves

When I did mine, I only glued the backing to one of the sides, then flipped it over and applied the rest of the glue from the backside.

You could do it either way.

dollar tree diy decor shelves

Dollar Tree DIY Succulent Planters

I already had these styrofoam cups from dollar tree. They were the perfect size to make these tiny planters out of.

Cut the top couple of inches off, leaving the bottom the height you want your planter to be. 

dollar tree diy decor shelves

Use your hot glue gun to secure the twine to the bottom of the cup.

Make sure to start at the bottom where the cup is more narrow. It’ll make it easier while wrapping the twine.

dollar tree diy decor shelves

Glue the twine in place around the entire base of the cup, then begin wrapping it around.

Every few rows you can add a dab of hot glue to help keep the twine from slipping out of place.

dollar tree diy decor shelves

When you get to the top couple of rows, glue the twine to the cup the entire way around. This will keep the twine from coming unwrapped.

dollar tree diy decor shelves

Succulents In The Planters

I already had these faux succulents, but you can find them at Dollar Tree, Walmart or any other craft store.

I decided to glue them in to the planters, which you don’t have to do. This was just to keep them in place.

If you decide to do the same, just run a thick line of hot glue down the side of your planter and press the stem into it.

dollar tree diy decor shelves
dollar tree diy decor shelves

Add more hot glue around the sides of the stem to reinforce it.

dollar tree diy decor shelves

You also don’t have to glue the planter to the shelf, but I decided to do that as well. She’ll be moving these with her to the dorm and this way everything stays attached together.

dollar tree diy decor shelves

Stuff the tissue paper in to the bottom of the cup. Then you can fill it the rest of the way with rocks.

Filling it partially with tissue paper keeps it from getting too heavy.

dollar tree diy decor shelves

DIY Shelf And Planter Complete

This is  one of the easiest Dollar Tree DIY’s. You can customize these shelves any way you’d like to fit your decor.

I also made Dollar Tree curtain rods and some adorable Dollar Tree DIY decor mirrors for her dorm room. They are both favorites of mine.

Check out the finished shelves below, and let me know in the comments what you guys are working on! What is your favorite Dollar Tree DIY?

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