Dollar Tree DIY’s are a great way to add affordable decor to your home. These DIY mirrors are a great example of that.

Dollar Tree has 3 different styles of this mirror that they’ve carried for what seems like forever. I picked up these flower shaped mirrors, but the black and gold just isn’t our style.

When we started working on my bonus daughters dorm room makeover, I knew exactly how to incorporate these with her colorful boho style.

Here’s the full YouTube tutorial, or just keep scrolling down for more.

Dollar Tree DIY Decor Mirrors Supply List

Dollar Tree mirrors

chalk paint (I used Waverly from Walmart in the color plaster (white) for the base color, then I used the same brand in yellow, blue and pink)

paint brushes (I used 1 foam brush and 1 small paint brush)

paper towel

dollar tree diy decor mirrors

Before Painting Your Dollar Tree DIY Decor Mirrors

Before getting started, it’s a good idea to tape off your mirror. I used blue painters tape to avoid having to scrape paint off of it later on.

dollar tree diy decor mirrors

Another tip is to cover your workspace with wax paper. I love this trick because it keeps your table clean. Another bonus is that your crafts won’t dry and stick to the wax paper like they will to craft paper.

dollar tree diy decor mirrors

Painting Your Dollar Tree DIY Decor Mirrors

The look we’re going for is an ombre finish, giving us a nice feathered blend between the two main colors of the mirror. To get this look, you want to start off with a good base color.

Painting Your Base Coat

Using your white chalk paint, cover the entire surface of your Dollar Tree mirror. These flower mirrors have a lot of little crevices that you want to make sure you get to with your paint brush.

dollar tree diy decor mirrors

Apply 2 full coats of your white base coat. If there are any areas where the paint still looks thin, or you can see the original color, go over those areas with a third coat.

dollar tree diy decor mirrors

Set your mirrors to the side and let them dry.

Dry Brushing On Your Accent Color

To create the ombre effect on your Dollar Tree decor, you’ll want to have a small paint brush and a paper towel.

Begin by mixing your accent color with your white base color. I mixed mine with mainly white, but it’ll depend on the desired shade you’re going for.

Take your small brush and dip it in to your paint. “Offload” your brush by brushing it across the paper towel, leaving a small amount on the brush.

Then begin painting at the inside of each petal. Brush along the inside edge, then feather it out towards the outside edge.

dollar tree diy decor mirrors

Don’t stress if it looks like you’ve taken the accent color too far out towards the edge of the petal. We’ll go over how to fix that later.

Continue this method on each petal, working your way around the mirror.

As you’re painting, you can take the accent color and create a more defined line of color along the inside edge of the petal. That will help give the ombre appearance of dark to light that you’re going for with this decor.

dollar tree diy decor mirrors

Blending Your Ombre Paint

After you’ve gone around the entire mirror with your accent color, You can go back in with the white to further soften the finish on your decor.

Take your small paint brush and dip it in to the white paint. Offload the paint like you did with the accent color.

This time, take your brush and feather the white in going from the opposite direction. Start at the tip of the petal and blend it in towards the inside.

Don’t take the white in very far though, as you don’t want to cover the accent color. you only want to add a little bit of contrast at the tip of the petal.

dollar tree diy decor mirrors

You can repeat these steps with both colors until you reach the desired look on your Dollar Tree DIY mirrors. The great thing about paint is you can always fix it, and can always change it.

So you can get an idea of this look with different colors, here’s the one I did in yellow. This was towards the end of brushing the yellow on.

dollar tree diy decor mirrors

And here is the mirror I did with blue paint at the beginning stages.

dollar tree diy decor mirrors

You could follow this dry brushing technique with any color combination, staying withing light or dark colors.

If you were going to use bolder color, you could do a dark red to a light red for example, or whatever combination you have in mind.

Dollar Tree DIY Decor Mirrors: Finished

This is such a short post, but such a cute idea (at least I think so). Check out the gallery below to see how they all turned out!

I’m thinking next time I’ll have to try something different on one of the other styles they carry at Dollar Tree.

Let me know in the comments what Dollar Tree DIY Decor you’ve been working on lately!

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